A Mother's Day Tribute - Women In Roofing

Women in Roofing

We're very adamant to express that we are a family business. It's a badge of honor to have come this far in business together. We also like to shout that we have over forty years of experience in this industry. But if you go back to those first few years that’s where you’ll find it...

Where you find her.

Where you find them.

The matron of this family and her daughters.

The women in construction and their impact on the success of Melvin Belk Roofing.

One doesn't simply marry into a family business, one gets absorbed into years of memories, hardships and triumphs that were made prior to their arrival. And if you're lucky, over the years, you get to hear the best of them. Especially now that I know the depths of motherhood, what stands out the most is about my mother-in-law and her dedication to creating a legacy at the expense of physical and emotional comfort through literal blood, sweat, and tears; we celebrate her today.

If you’ve ever met her you’ll notice she’s a little thing. Very short, bright blonde hair, electric blue eyes and always flawlessly pulling off an electric pink lipstick.You wouldn’t peg her for a construction worker.

Struggling through poverty, she and Melvin decided they were going to build their own future. One roof at a time.

The physical nature of replacing a roof has on many occasions throughout the years resulted in new employees leaving for lunch and never coming back. Men in their 20’s have left because it was too hard.

And there she was in the beginning of it all, at the job site helping with all the physical labor like tearing off shingles, hauling materials up ladders, and cleaning yards.

When all of that was done, she would go home and cook dinner, do the dishes, and put her babies to bed. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the love, resilience, and determination of a mother. Our mother, Jeannie Belk.